Many times it must have crossed in our mind to buy a luxury. For example, you want to own an expensive watch. But it does seem ridiculous to spend so many amounts just on a watch which will tell the same time as the other cheap ones. Hence, replica watches come into the picture. Replica watches are nice products for the people who want to own a luxury without wanting to pay for it.

But it isn’t as easy it sounds. In most places, replica watches can be illegal and counterfeit a product and buying it intentionally can land yourself in some pretty difficult situations where legal lawsuits may file against you.

Even if we don’t go that far, the fact that, replica watches are just a replica is not going to change. They look similar but quality wise; they are nowhere near the actual product. To make it cheaper, you need to change many aspects of how the product is made and this is what makes a great difference in the end. These replica watches don’t last like the original ones. While the original ones can stand much shock, these ones will simply break down under the same circumstances.

And on top of that, these watches, unlike the original ones, aren’t water resistant. Just because they look similar, it doesn’t mean they will have the same resistance and most won’t be functional if you drop them in water.

It also comes with some social risks. The replica watches are similar but the fine touch in them will be missing. If you are out in public, and one of your friend does spot it, it could be a pretty embarrassing situation if you didn’t tell them the truth before hand.

It also hampers the industry as the sale figures for the original ones suffer because of replica watches.